Clinical Microbiology & Case Reports [ ISSN 2369-2111 ]

About the Journal

Clinical Microbiology & Case Reports is an online Open Access peer reviewed journal that provides updated information in the field of microbial pathogens. It publishes original clinical research, analysis and reviews, news, practice updates and editorials. The journal covers the major areas in the field of microbiology and cultural studies in mycology, parasitology, and virology and therapies

Aim and Scope

Clinical Microbiology is a branch of medicine concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. In addition, this field of science studies various clinical applications of microbes for the improvement of health

Clinical microbiologists determine the nature of infectious disease and test the ability of various antibiotics to inhibit or kill the isolated microorganisms. In addition to bacteriology, a contemporary clinical microbiologist is responsible for a wide range of microscopic and cultural studies in mycology, parasitology and virology.

Topics covered in this Journal   
Novel Insights into Clinical Microbiology
Microbiology-Current Research
Antimicrobials and Disinfectants
Infection Control & Immunity
Clinical Infectious Diseases
Tools and Diagnostics in Clinical Microbiology
Clinical Veterinary Microbiology and Current Research
Current research in Medical Microbiology
Microbial Genomics and Cellular Microbiology
Vaccines against Infectious Diseases
Microbial and Biochemical Technology

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