Journal of Obesity Treatment and Weight Management

About the Journal:

Journal of Obesity Treatment and Weight Management is an open access internationals peer-reviewed journal that which is envisioned to increase knowledge, research and promote better management of the people with obesity and weight loss medications.

Aim and Scope:

The journal aims to cover all the aspects of Causes, Classification of Obesity, Childhood obesity, Diet, Effects on Health, Etymology, Epidemiology, Hereditary Genetics, History, Infectious Agents, Historical Attitudes, Management, Mortality, Morbidity, Other Illnesses, Pathophysiology, Sedentary Lifestyle, Public Health, Size Acceptance, Society and Culture, Social Determinants, Survival Paradox, etc.

The journal functions with an Editorial Manager System for online manuscript submission, tracking and review. Editorial Board Members of the Journal of Obesity Treatment and Weight Management or outside experts perform the review.

Topics covered in this Journal include:

  • ·         Weight Loss
  • ·         Obesity Complications
  • ·         Obesity and Nutrition
  • ·         Gynoid Obesity
  • ·         Diabetic Diet
  • ·         Child Obesity Statistics
  • ·         Anti-Obesity Medication
  • ·         Best Ways to Lose Weight
  • ·         Obesity and Sleep Apnea
  • ·         Visceral Obesity
  • ·         Epidemiology
  • ·         Etymology
  • ·         Hereditary Genetics
  • ·         Historical Attitudes
  • ·         Sedentary Lifestyle
  • ·         Size Acceptance

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