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Scient Global Conferences is pleased to invite you to participate in the Global Conference on Nursing and Healthcare, Las Vegas, USA June 19–21, 2017. The theme is Advanced Practice in Nursing towards Better Healthcare

This conference brings together individuals who have an interest in Community Health Nursing from practice, research, administration, policy and education.

Global Nursing-2016 offers a number of unique opportunities to enrich your career. You can learn new approaches to clinical practice, fine-tune your skills, work with state-of-the-art technology and learn from professionals at the forefront of medical advances

Everyone who seeks to improve their institution's nursing program and learn about advanced technical skill is invited to register. We promise that attendees return to their hospitals energized to improve their nursing practice and equipped with proven methods to do so.

This conference advances the specialty practice of nursing professional development for the enhancement of healthcare outcomes.

Overall conference objectives:

  • Implement innovative teaching approaches and strategies.
  • Collaborate effectively within and between teams, units, and disciplines.
  • Integrate outcome measurement strategies into nursing education practice.


  • The latest advances in nursing quality developments from the world's preeminent clinics.
  • The opportunity to network with and learn from 1000+ talented nurses, nursing administrators, and healthcare practioners from top hospitals.
  • The latest proven best practices from skilled physicians.
  • Earn continuing nursing education hours.

Join us in Las Vegas to learn about innovative educational strategies you can apply in your work setting and connect with a network of nurse educators representing academics, staff development, and continuing education

The Global Conference on Nursing and Healthcare qualifies for continuous learning hours for renewal of your CNA certification in Community Health Nursing by enhancing your existing knowledge, skills and expertise in Community Health Nursing.

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In the U.S. (and increasingly the United Kingdom), advanced practice nurses, such as clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioners, diagnose health problems and prescribe medications and other therapies, depending on individual state regulations. The demand for nurses has been on the rise for several years spurred by various economic and demographic factors. Demand for nurses is projected to increase for the foreseeable future (an increase of 23% between 2006 and 2016, according to the US Department of Labor. Candidates for nursing jobs that are in highest demand include registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified nurse assistants, and certified medical assistants.

The Department of Labor's estimated increase percentage per nurse employer type is:

  • 25 Percentage - Offices of physicians
  • 23Percentage - Home health care services
  • 34Percentage - Outpatient care centers, except mental health and substance abuse
  • 33Percentage - Employment services
  • 23Percentage - General medical and surgical hospitals, public and private
  • 23Percentage - Nursing care facilities


According to the reports, total health care spending in Europe is 14.7% of its GDP. Health share of GDP will continue its historical upward trend, reaching 15.7% of GDP by 2017. Hospital care expenditure in Europe is $650.2 Billion and the gross output of Europe hospitals is around $554,264 Million. The total number of Europe registered hospital is around 4,723 while the number of Europe community hospital is 3,299.

There are 24 Major Nursing universities, Health care centers and 26 nursing societies located in Europe. Europe is the hub for more than 100 National nursing organizations. Currently, Worldwide 18 Nursing Unions and 16 Specialty organizations are working for the development of the field across the world.

There are many myths about nursing, including the profession and the people that work as a nurse. One of the most common myths is that all nurses are females. The nursing industry is dominated by females, but there are male nurses in the profession as well. A study in 2011 shows that 91% of all nurses were female and 9% were male.

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