We look forward to welcoming participants from all over the world to the sparkling city of Las Vegas and are highly optimistic of making this event a cherishable experience for our participants and collaborator.

Scientific Sessions

Session 1: Nursing Practice

  • Innovations in patient care
  • Nursing practice model reform
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Symptom management
  • Community Nursing
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Care of patients with different cultural background
  • Licence Practice Cardiac nursing (LPN)
  • Cardiac Registered Nursing

Session 2: Clinical Nursing

  • Skills & techniques in clinical nursing
  • Clinical nursing and nursing theory
  • Clinical nursing and clinical evaluation
  • Practices in clinical nursing
  • Pre hospital care
  • Research and education
  • Innovation and Improvement

Session 3: Critical Care Nursing

  • Infection prevention and nursing care
  • Care of the older adult
  • Neonatal intensive care and nursing care
  • The role of advocacy in critical nursing care
  • Dimensions and limitations in critical care nursing

Session 4: Critical Care and Emergency Nursing

  • Quality and safety in emergency care
  • Accidents and emergency nursing
  • Trauma Nursing
  • Acute respiratory failure and Ventillation
  • Care of patient and family in emergency crisis
  • Nursing care and physiotherapy
  • Specialties in emergency care
  • Emergency care across the age spectrum
  • Advanced practice
  • New innovatives ideas and research in emergency nursing
  • End of life care
  • Nursing care and physiotherapy

Session 5: Emergency Medicine

  • Cardiac emergency medicine
  • Neurology emergency medicine
  • Nephrology and emergency medicine
  • Internal emergency medicine
  • Psychiatric emergency medicine

Session 6: Nursing Education

  • Psychiatric nurse practitioner Education
  • Neonatal nurse practitioner Education
  • Problem-based teaching and learning
  • Evidence-based teaching and learning
  • Student's critical thinking and caring competency training
  • Student's clinical reasoning and decision making competency training
  • International nursing education
  • Nursing Informatics

Session 7: Nursing Management

  • Innovations and reforms in nursing management
  • Quality and safety of nursing care
  • Professional career development of clinical nurses
  • Health policy study

Session 8: Disaster Nursing

  • Disaster and humanitarian aid
  • Heath challenges in the new century
  • Patient safety and non technical skill
  • Disaster response
  • Emergency care in austere and different environments
  • Pre hospital care
  • Quality and safety in emergency care

Session 9: Travel Nurse

  • Travel nursing agencies
  • International travel nurse

Session 10: Types of nursing

  • Forensic nursing
  • Gastroenterology nursing
  • Palliative care nursing
  • Occupational health nursing
  • Perianaesthesia nursing
  • Perinatal nursing
  • Psychiatric and mental health nursing
  • Veterinary nursing
  • Rehabilitation nursing

Session 11: Cancer Nursing

  • Clinical implications and cancer nursing
  • Primary care and cancer nursing
  • Psychological and psychosocial aspects and cancer nursing care
  • Chemotherapy and Nursing
  • Cervical cancer and vaginal cancer
  • Heart and lung cancer
  • Gastric Cancer
  • Anal and Prostate Cancer

Session 12: Cardiovascular Nursing

  • Cardiac rehabiliation
  • Heart failure care management
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Caring for heart transplant patients

Session 13: Pediatric Nursing

  • General paediatrics
  • Preterm-birth complications and neonatal intensive care
  • Paediatric emergencies and trauma treatment
  • Health issues with children and youth

Session 14: Surgical Nursing

  • General surgery and its specialities
  • Oral sugery Care
  • Nursing in gynaecology surgery

Session 15: Women health nursing

  • Sexually transmitted diseases in women and its management
  • Obstetric and Gynaecologic malignancies
  • Cardiac diseases and disorders in women
  • Hypertension and diabetes and its management
  • Nursing care during child birth and preterm birth prevention
  • Endometriosis and its management during pregnancy

Session 16: Midwifery Nurses

  • Midwifery in Multi-Ethnic Community
  • Emergency Nursing Midwifery
  • Urogynec Care
  • Family Planning
  • Women's reproductive health care
  • Midwifery care: Labor, Birth and New born

Session 17: Legal Nursing and Practitioner

  • Involvement of nurses in change of health policies
  • Legal Nurse in end of life care
  • Health care laws
  • Ethical issues in legal nursing
  • Medical practice and linked life insurance

Session 18: Health Care

  • Medicinal healthcare
  • Public health
  • Pediatric healthcare
  • Cancer healthcare
  • Cardiac healthcare
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Healthcare management

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