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Euro toxi summit 2018

Stepping ahead into the new era Scient Global Conferences heartily welcomes you to the Scientific Colloquium Euro Summit on Toxicology and Pharmacology which is set to hit the calendar in November 19-21 at Rome, Italy.

Euro Summit on Toxicology and Pharmacology-2018 is designed with the motto of “Uniting Leading Researchers in Toxicology & Pharmacology”. The conference is all to set to lay a platform for the professionals to facilitate the application and dissemination of Research finding on Toxicology.

Euro Summit on Toxicology and Pharmacology-2018 provides excellent opportunities for global sharing of expertise, products, technology and best practices in the field of toxicology and pharmacology. Its large international participation comprised of notable keynote speakers, technical sessions and young researchers and students presentations on the latest cutting edge research and designed to stimulate discussion and debate about current researches in toxicology globally.

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Organizing Committee Members


What does our speakers say?

Hussain Alabduljabbar

I am delighted to be part of Dental Conference-2016 where people from different parts of the world have come together to share their expertise in a wonderful organization  and friendly environment.


Viviana Ludi (Spain)

It was a great opportunity to present our research work, as well as to share in scientific and personally with other professionals in the field

N Khan (India)

It was really a wonderful experience and hats off to your organizing committee to organize in a brilliant way. I am privileged to be have been a part of the Scient Global Conference. It was indeed a phenomenal experience. Looking forward to more such gatherings