Welcome to Euro Summit on Toxicology and Pharmacology

Rome, Italy
November 19-21, 2018

The Eternal City: ROME!

Rome is without hesitation one the most beautiful cities in the world; every year millions of sightseers come from around the world to appreciate the treasures and masterpieces of Roman art and architecture. The significant Centre of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With wonderful palaces, millennium-old churches, grand romantic ruins, opulentmonuments, ornate statues and graceful fountains, Rome has an enormously rich historical heritage and multicultural atmosphere, making it one of Europe’s and the world’s most visited, famous, persuasive and beautiful capitals.

Today, Rome has a mounting nightlifesection and is also seen as a shopping heaven, being regarded as one of the fashion capitalsof the world (some of Italy’s oldest jewelry and clothing establishments were foundedin the city). With so many sights and things to do, Rome can truly be classified a “global city”.

November is the BEST TIME TO COME TO ROME for a SHORT VISIT. The weather is fantastic in Rome, Italy in November, when the average temperature begins at 7 °C and gradually increases to 16 °C as the month progresses and can be rainy, but Rome is very un-crowded then. It was chilled Climate throughout the month.

Italy has a large and international network of public and state affiliated universities and schools offering degrees in higher education. State-run universities of Italy constitute the main percentage of tertiary education in Italy, and are managed under the supervision of Italian’s Ministry of Education