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About Scient Open Access

About Scient Open Access

Scient Open Access is an Open Access Publisher and International Conference Organizer of peer-reviewed journals disseminating the knowledge among the scientific community by supporting the emergence of new scholarly communication models that expand various disciplines of scholarly research. Scient Open Access operates 60 peer-reviewed journals in the field Clinical, Medical and Life Sciences. It hosts about several conferences in the field of clinical and medical.

Established with pragmatic agenda, Scient Open Access aims to make the scientific research more accessible by reducing all commercial and technical barriers to the access through read, share and download the content without financial restriction to readers. Scient Open Access covers the latest advancements and publishes the results of novel investigations in all academic disciplines.

Scient Open Access is dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence, serving the scientific and medical communities by publishing high quality journals for the benefit of humanity.Scient Open Access  aimsto facilitate the faster and wider sharing of the outputs of the scholarly research process, increases the impact of analysis, fuels the advancement of knowledge, and increases the return on research investments. It covers a wide range of academic disciplines updated regularly with innovative research. We maintain the highest standards of peer review process with the support of International recognized editors who serve editorial board of Scient Open Access Journals.

Key Aspects


  • 60 esteemed Open Access journals in Medical and clinical disciplines
  • Qucik review process within 15 days
  • Articles with high quality PDF & HTML versions
  • Articles will be freely accessible to everyone immediately upon publication
  • DOI to all our published articles by CrossRef
  • All published articles will be indexed in Google Scholar, Crossref