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Research Article

A Study on the Clinical and Laboratory Profile of Pediatric Patients with Dengue in a Havana Hospital, Cuba

Daymi Montero Diaz and Juan Antonio Figueroa Saez

Correspondence Address :

Daymi Montero Diaz
Cerro Pediatric Hospital
Tel: 5358044504

Received on: August 04, 2017, Accepted on: September 06, 2017, Published on: September 15, 2017

Citation: Daymi Montero Diaz (2017). A Study on the Clinical and Laboratory Profile of Pediatric Patients with Dengue in a Havana Hospital, Cuba

Copyright: 2017 Daymi Montero Diaz. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

  • Abstract

Dengue is a viral disease, with a wide clinical spectrum. To describe the clinical and laboratory features, and to determine the usual combination of symptoms and signs in pediatric patients who are interned in the Cerro Pediatric Hospital because of Dengue. An analytic, transversal, retrospective study was carried out to a universe of 1300 patients admitted between January and December of 2012, with a sample of 260 patients. The symptoms and signs were studied, also the median of the laboratory values of hematocrit, leukocyte and platelet count were computed. Predictive associations of suffering Dengue according to the age groups were established through the Odds Ratio measure. The more frequently found symptoms were: headache, arthralgia and myalgia, retro-ocular pain, and rash. Laboratory findings only showed a tendency to leukopenia. The predictive combinations of Dengue obtained are: positive fever, rash and loop test for all ages. The fever, rash and arthralgia and myalgia for teenagers (OR= 28,7; CI 95% 3,98-58,3; p= 0,0001) and children (OR= 13,32; CI 95% 1,74-28,0; p= 0,0001); while the fever, headache, retro-ocular pain and rash for teenagers (OR= 9,57; CI 95%; 3,63-26,85; p= 0,00001).In this study the clinic changes with age, does not including respiratory symptoms, but the analyses do not have the same behavior. The association of symptoms and signs must be considered according to the age groups, and those found in teenagers have resulted similar to those reported for adults.

Keywords: Dengue, Febrile Syndrome, Loop Test, Case-Control Study, Dengue Prediction, UMELISA.