Journal of Dental and Oral Health

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Review Article

Prevalence of Dental Caries and Associated Factors among Aksum Primary School Students, Aksum Town, Ethiopia 2019: A cross-sectional

Teklay Zeru, Lidia Muruts, Mebrahtom Zeru, Brhane Gebremariam, Alem Girmay, Degena Bahre*


Research Article

Mesiodens: A Review and Report of Two Cases

Yashwanth Sreedhara*, Nagaveni N B, Poornima P*

DOI : 10.35862

Research Article

Evaluation of Analgesic Effect of Laser Therapy in Patients with Oral Ulcers with Inflammatory Origin and Knowledge of Patients about their Lesions

Uriel de Amorim Nascimento, Karin Berria Tomazelli, Liliane Janete Grando and Sarah Freygang Mendes Pilati *


Mini Review

WAX-UP: Interests and Techniques

Moudni S*, Moussaoui H., Mouhibi A., Andoh A*

DOI : 10.35862/TBA