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Corrections and Retractions

Corrections and Retractions


Errors in published papers may be identified requiring publication of a correction in the form of a corrigendum or erratum. Noticing error after publishing article in website will be corrected according to authors suggestions, corrections will be changes only if a significant error is found in the paper as factually inaccurate published information.

Authors must inform the journal’s editors of any errors they notice or have been informed of in their published article. Corrections are made at the journal’s discretion. If a correction is necessary, a correction notice will be published online and linked to the article. The editors will add a correction notice; either as a footnote or at the end of the article, identifying what content has been changed since the article’s initial publication and publish an erratum.


Scient Open Access Journals may retract or withdraw articles based on information from their authors, academic or institutional sponsor, editor or publisher, because of pervasive error or unsubstantiated or irreproducible data.

Infringements of professional ethical codes, such as

Fake claims of authorship

Duplicate submission


Fraudulent use of data

From the time to time a retraction will be used to take care of errors in submission or publication. The retraction associated with an article by its authors or the editor under the advice of members of the scholarly community is certainly an occasional feature of the learned world. Standards for dealing with retractions have been produced by a number of library and scholarly bodies, and this best practice is followed for article retraction by our journal.

The PDF version of the article will be retracted from website and a retraction notice will be labeled as retraction of article to authors notice.