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Latest e-Books

Latest e-Books

The popularity of E books  has grown over time  because they are flexible comparitively to research papers or any other form of communication. Scient Open Access publisher invites all researchers to publish their research in the form of  e-books with us to ensure it that it reaches a large medium of audience. The readers can have easy access of buying, downloading of your scientific research at their own leisure time. The advantage of e-books is that they can be stored on your mobile even, giving them access to you all times.  Some e-books even use video and audio formats and other creative ways makes these e-books even more flexible and  interesting.

We accept scientific orientied books  that are similar to our journals and the topics we publish. Before submitting your ebook to us, we suggest you to go through our published articles and research papers. We offer good quality prints at reliable price, and our e-books  are optimized with good clearance and resolution.


For our readers and authors, we publish scientific journals in an e-book format.