Yuke Tien Fong


Yuke Tien Fong

Singapore General Hospital


Dr Fong graduated from the University of Singapore with an MBBS degree in 1980. A specialist in Occupational Medicine, she is a Senior Consultant at the Singapore General Hospital, Occupational Medicine Unit and Department of Internal Medicine. She is concurrently an Associate Program Director at NUHS for the Preventive Medicine Residency Program and Site Director for Occupational Medicine for the Family Medicine Residency (SingHealth cluster) at SGH. She received formal training in Education at Harvard University and has participated in the development and management of many educational programs within the medical and tertiary educational sector. She held the position of the first Director of Education at SHS in 2001which developed the educational strategies for the development of the Duke NUS Medical School. She is a member of the Pioneer Fellows program for medical educators in AMEI at Duke NUS and was a judge in the Golden Apple Awards for Educators in SHS in 2015. Dr Fong is an active teacher, mentor, supervisor and examiner for both the undergraduate medical students at YLL School of Medicine and post graduate students in Preventive and Occupational Medicine for the Preventive Medicine and Occupational Medicine residencies. She is also a Clinical Epidemiologist and has served on many committees including the Disease Task Force of the SHS cluster during the SARS and Pandemic Outbreaks in Singapore, Emergency Planning Committee, Biosafety Committee and the Infection control committee. She was actively involved in the JCI and OSHSAS accreditation of SGH and was a key member of the Safety Network of SingHealth. She is a medical reviewer for the Journal ICHE (Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology) and is an Associate Editor for the journal Frontiers in Public Health. She is actively involved in the development of the Global Health initiatives within the International Collaborations Office of SingHealth which has established ties with many hospitals in Asia including Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, China etc. She has served as Medical Advisor for Occupational Medicine to many MNCs including Novartis Institute of Tropical Diseases, Codexis, Edwards Lifesciences, Maccine etc. In earlier years of her career, she was an active leader in the Healthy Lifestyles