Nefyodov Leonid Ivanovich

EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBER - Nefyodov Leonid Ivanovich

Nefyodov Leonid Ivanovich

State University of Grodno


Nefyodov Leonid Ivanovich - Professor (Biology), Ph.D. Cand. of Sciences (Biology), M.D. [Doctor of Sciences (Medicine)], Professor of Biochemistry Department and Research Supervisor of Laboratory of Biochemistry of Biologically Active substances of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, Belarus. Founder (1989) and head of the scientific direction and school "Biochemistry of amino acids and development of ways of their practical application as universal regulators of a metabolism and medicinal prophylactics. Under the scientific guide of professor Nefyodov more than 20 doctors and candidate of sciences theses are defended. Author more than 450 publications, including 235 articles in the reviewed academic domestic and specialized foreign periodicals, 4 monographs and 5 books, organizer and the scientific editor of materials of 6 international symposiums on biochemistry. Nefyodovs development are awarded by the diplomas and medals St.Petersburgs Industrial Exhibition, International Exhibition of Bruxelles Eureka 95, medal of A. Schweitzer For merits in sci-ence area, elected the honorary member and D.h.c. number of the European academies. Works at the Grodno State University of Yanka Kupala since 2000. Since 2001heard, professor department of biochemistry, heard and the research supervisor of Laboratory of Biochemistry of Biologically Active substances. The methodology of researches and development of school of sciences of L.Nefyodov in the field of creation of new effective domestic medicinal and preventive preparations is based on operation of regulatory action of physiological (endogenous) concentration of the free amino acids defining regularities of formation of a metabolic imbalance at various pathological states and diseases. Fundamental stages on the way of creative formation and development of school of sciences were the results, methodology and strategy of researches presented in Nefyodovs monograph Taurine: pharmacology, biochemistry and medical application (1999) and the first international amino acid congresses of the CIS countries led to Grodno of organizational congress (1996, 2001), and also development and production of the patented domestic medicines (Taurine, Leucine, Tryptophane, Tavamine). Area of researches biochemical mechanisms of regulatory effects of amino acids, their derivatives and compositions, methodology of use of amino acids as universal regulators of a metabolism, medicines, components of treatment and prophylactic food, including development ofsolutions and specialized mixes of this class of substances.


Biophysics, Oncology,Molecular Biology, Surgery, Chemistry and Pharmacology, Biology, Biochemistry, Medical application