Galal Eldin Nagib-Elkilany

EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBER - Galal Eldin Nagib-Elkilany

Galal Eldin Nagib-Elkilany

Tanta University School of Medicine


Galal Eldin Nagib-Elkilany received his BSc [1987] and MSc degrees [1991] from Tanta University, Egypt and his PhD [1996] & MD [1998] from the Post-Graduate Institute of Cardiology Department, Tanta University School of Medicine, Egypt. He was a Research Fellow in Thorax Center, Rotterdam, Holland, Erasmus University in Stress Echocardiography Department on 2000/2001. He is a Cardiology Specialist and Faculty in Tanta University Hospital from 1991 until 1998. He also worked as Consultant Cardiologist -degree of Professor of Cardiology 1998-2015 [from the Supreme Council of Universities], Cairo, Egypt- law No. 115 (1993). He is a Clinical Fellow in Milano-Majore Policlinico, Milan, Italy 2007 in cardiac cath. He is a Lab and Partner clinical Fellowship and visitor physician at University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA in 2011. He received a price of Young Investigator Award from Egyptian Society of Cardiology on 1999 & 2001. He has many famous international publications to his credit