Himanshu H. Chokshi


Himanshu H. Chokshi

Department of Chemical Engineering


The global interest in eco-friendly energy sources has been on the rise. In accordance with the trend Life Science department at Rai University held a guest lecture session on “Recent Advancement of Biodiesel Production” by inviting Mr. Himanshu H. Choksi from Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University on 18th July 2017. Undergraduate students of biotech, microbiology, automobile engineering, chemistry and master students of biotech, microbiology attended the lecture. Mr. Himanshu H. Choksi is the expert with 23 years in biodiesel energy sector. During the two-hour session Mr. Himanshu presented the hot issues such as twin crisis & motivation, fundamentals, applications, advantages of biodiesels, feed stock of biodiesels, environmental degradation, and advanced eco-friendly techniques. Mr. Himanshu especially emphasized the potential impact of bio-fuels which could change not only the lives of the people in agriculture community in India but also the students who have interest in biochemistry and biotechnologies. In the near future—especially for the two-thirds of the people in the developing world who derive their incomes from agriculture, the farmers that produce dedicated energy crops can grow their incomes and grow their own supply of affordable and reliable energy. At the national level, producing more bio-fuels will generate new industries, new technologies, new jobs and new markets. The lecture was an eye opener for the students who have set their career goal in biotechnology, microbiology and automobile engineering industries since Mr. Himanshu H. Choksi’s lecture has widened the doors of their knowledge with practical advice and most recent new developments in the sector.