Abdul Raheem Ibraheem Shola

EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBER - Abdul Raheem Ibraheem Shola

Abdul Raheem Ibraheem Shola

University of Ilorin


Professor Abdul Raheem Ibraheem Shola (MBBS, MPH, M,Sc, MPA, FRIPH, FMCPH, FAIPH, Cert, P.hD (in-view)) is a Nigerian medical doctor with postgraduate training in Public Health. He is a fellow of both Royal Institute of Public Health (London), Africa Institute of Public Health and National Postgraduate Medical College, Faculty of Public Health (Nigeria). He holds Master degrees in Public Health, Epidemiology & Biostatistics and Public Administration. He specializes in Disease Surveillance, Geriatrics and Epidemiology. His areas of interests are Communicable disease surveillance, Epidemiology, Geriatric poly-pharmacy, Palliative care, End of life care, Care of the Elderly, Health planning and administration . He has more than eighty academic publications to his credit in both local, National and International Journals. Prof Abdulraheem has served as a Consultant to WHO, UNICEF, NPI, GAVI & FMOH (Nigeria) on Disease Surveillance, Polio Eradication Programme and National Epidemiological review of Communicable Diseases. Currently, Abdulraheem is a Consultant to University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital as well as Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine in the Department of Epidemiology & Community Health, College of Medicine, University of Ilorin, Nigeria