Margaret A. Schatkin


Margaret A. Schatkin

Boston College
Chestnut Hill


Margaret A. Schatkin study of Patristics began at Fordham University in 1964 under the tutelage of the distinguished scholars, Rudolph Arbesmann, O.S.A., and Herbert A. Musurillo, S.J., who were members of the faculty of the Classics Department. She confess that at the outset my knowledge of the Church Fathers was limited, if not perfunctory. However, with continued application and immersion in the subject the conviction grew upon me of the untapped wealth in the writings of the Church Fathers. She was further encouraged to continue that study in the years that I attended Princeton Theological Seminary by the distinguished Russian theologian, Georges Florovsky, who advocated revival of the Church Fathers as a guide to modern Christianity. Also on the faculty of Princeton was the prestigious New Testament scholar, Bruce M. Metzger, who also encouraged me in the study of the early church. In her study of the Church Fathers it is of course implicit that I examine the writings of the Church Fathers in the original Greek and Latin languages and manuscripts. In the present state of world turmoil it is my judgment that only benefit to the world can result from a study of the writings of the Church Fathers, the greatness of whose minds is reflected in those writings.


Critical edition of works of Chrysostom, patristic bibliography, patristic theology.