Krzysztof Laudanski

EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBER - Krzysztof Laudanski

Krzysztof Laudanski

University of Pennsylvania


Krzysztof Kris Laudanski, MD is a member of the Department of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care at University of Pennsylvania, where he also works as an instructor and researcher. Dr. Laudanskis experience includes research at the Department of Surgery at University of Rochester Medical School with the concentration on sepsis, critical care and trauma, as well as the psychological outcome of the renal replacement therapy. His sepsis research focuses on the outcome of the sepsis and pathomechanism leading to short and long-term aberrancies of the immune system. More specifically, his focus is on the development of the dendritic cells from monocytes during trauma and development of T cell energy. One of the leading hypothesize is that in some patients the development of nave monocytes is skewed toward macrophages. This is leading to immunoparalysis due to the depletion of the dendritic cells pool. He is also interested in analysing interaction between immune system components and neuronal system. In his research, he utilises the animal and humanised models of sepsis as well as sampling of the population of patient with sepsis. SEB is going to be used to measure the response of the MO and dendritic cells to most common antigen that SEB represents. This technique has been used by Dr Laudanski before in attached references.