Dr. Afshin Shorofi


Dr. Afshin Shorofi

School of Nursing & Midwifery
Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences


Dr S.Afshin Shorofi has attained his PhD from Flinders University of South Australia, where he subsequently started working as a Research Associate in Health Care for Older People. He is currently an Adjunct Research Fellow at Flinders University (Australia), and an Assistant Professor at Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences (MUMS-Iran). In addition, Afshin is the deputy head of the Traditional & Complementary Medicine Research Center and the Center for History & Ethics Studies at MUMS. Afshin is also holding an adjunct academic position in the Traditional & Complementary Medicine Research Center and is an adjunct researcher in the Orthopedic Research Center at MUMS. Afshin’s position includes research and teaching responsibilities, supervision and mentoring of undergraduate and postgraduate students. He is nationally well known for his publications so that he has published 17 books in the fields of Nursing, Midwifery and Medicine irrespective of his papers in peer-reviewed journals. Elected as the deputy editor of “Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice” (an Elsevier’s journal), Afshin is also serving several well-reputed journals as an editorial board member, an editorial advisory board member, or an associate editor. Afshin has been awarded prizes and honors for teaching excellence, outstanding research and overall academic achievement. Afshin's principal research interests are as follows: aged care; complementary and alternative medicine; critical care; holistic care; and palliative care.


Aged care, Complementary and alternative medicine, Holistic care, Research issues in health, Pain management, Palliative care