Dr. Mariastefania Antica

EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBER - Dr. Mariastefania Antica

Dr. Mariastefania Antica

Rudjer Boskovic Institute


Dr. Mariastefania Antica has a long standing interest in stem cells, lymphocyte development and differentiation and cancer research. She was involved in the basic and clinical studies on stem cells for lymphocytes: the time and place of commitment of precursors for the lymphocyte lineage. Her work resulted in a finding of a new population of stem cells in the fetal thymus and a new population of stem cells in the bone marrow. With her collaborators she cloned the murine U2 snRNP-A' gene differentially expressed during lymphocyte development. She returned to the Rudjer Boskovic Institute as a Senior Scientist and was appointed Associate Professor in year 2000 and Professor in 2005. Her publications are highly relevant to the reconstitution of cellular immunity and also leukemogenesis. Further work proved T lymphocyte development at extrathymic sites in vivo. M. Antica’s current work concerns transcription factors that regulate lymphocyte development, their impairment in leukemia and characterization and development of new stem cells from adult tissues in the context of regenerative medicine.