Dr. Miltiadis Georgiopoulos

EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBER - Dr. Miltiadis Georgiopoulos

Dr. Miltiadis Georgiopoulos

Department of Neurosurgery
University Hospital of Patras


Dr Miltiadis Georgiopoulos was born in 1984 in Patras, a city of western Greece, where he started studying medicine in 2002 (University of Patras) and received several scholarships as student. He graduated with the 5th best grade among 97 graduates in 2008. In addition, in 2017 he completed his PhD dissertation in the same faculty (Faculty of Medicine, University of Patras) receiving the grade: "Excellent", accumulating also teaching experience. Dr Georgiopoulos has conducted research concerning Neurosurgery in various fields, i.e. vegetative state/minimally conscious state, brain biopsies, functional neurosurgery, deep brain stimulation, movement disorders, pain, trigeminal neuralgia, spinal cord stimulation, spasticity. This research has been presented in various publications, books and congresses. Moreover, he has served as editor and reviewer in several medical journals. Currently Dr. Georgiopoulos is a neurosurgical resident in the University Hospital of Patras, Greece and is a member of the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS). Also, Dr. Georgiopoulos speaks four languages (Greek, English, German, and French).