Dr. Farid Menaa


Dr. Farid Menaa

Department of Nanomedicine
Oncology and Stem Cells Fluorotronics, Inc


Dr. Farid Menaa is an experienced and renowned international scientist with interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary knowledge and a medical holistic point of view. He is the head of the oncology, stem cells, genomics and nanomedicine Department, Fluorotronics USA, Inc. and Global Innovation & Trade, Inc., San Diego, CA, USA. Dr. Menaa also collaborates as a project coordinator and R&D consultant for several worldwide institutions including universities, biotechnology, chemical, nanotechnological and pharmaceutical companies. He is often invited as a keynote or featured speaker and session chairman in various scientific, medical, technological and business events. Dr. Menaa earned a BSc in Biomedicine and Biochemistry, a BSc in Cell Biology and Physiology, a Master in Genetics, a National Master in Gerontology, a Doctorate in Radiation oncology and Gerontology, all with honors from prestigious French Universities. Dr. Menaa has also been trained in medicine, pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences, chemistry/biochemistry, biophysics, genomics, immunology, nutrition, phytomedicine, biostatistics, bioinformatics, nanotechnology and business (Executive MBA). Dr. Menaa pursued his post-doctoral formation as principal investigator in Oncology (La Jolla, CA, USA), Dermatology (Wuerzburg, Germany) and in Hematology (São Paulo, Brazil). Dr. Menaa has organized and attended hundreds of scientific events (> 200), delivered lectures to many private organizations and academic institutions (>30), and further serves the scientific and medical communities as editor and reviewer for many esteemed journals (>60). Dr. Menaa is the recipient of several awards (>10), a member of prestigious scientific and medical associations (>10) and has published dozens of articles as first-author and/or corresponding author, including in the pharmaceutical sciences field.