Gang PAN


Gang PAN

Nottingham Trent University


Gang Pan is a physical and environmental chemist and a freshwater ecologist. He works on management of nutrient cycling and pollution control in natural waters and is recognized as a founding member for geo-engineering for lake restoration. He pioneers in developing cost-effective and safe technologies for toxic harmful algal bloom and water-pollution controls and fundamental physicochemical theories and methods in environmental and geochemical interfacial and nano sciences. He has a track record in multidisciplinary studies in chemical, environmental, ecological, water, nano, agriculture and aquatic geo-engineering areas. He was awarded National First Prize of Environmental Science and Technology of China(2009); “Scientists of the Year”(2010, Chinese national annualaward); 2014 Excellence in Review Awards (ES&T), and the First Prize of “Dayu Award” in 2017 (the highest Chinese national award in hydrology). He is Chairman of Global Phosphorus Recycling Initiative (GPRI), associate editor for Frontiers in Environmental Sciences, and editorial board of several international journals. He has published > 200 peer reviewed papers (H index 39 Google Scholar) and filed 50 patents. The MLS technology developed by he and his team has been successfully commercialized in China and has produced market cap of > £10 M. He is now leading a research program of Integrated Water, Energy, and Food (IWEF) security at Nottingham Trent University, where wastewater can be purified by turning pollutants into biofuel, electricity, anti-toxin biochar (for food safety), and other products, through innovative technologies.