Yousif Abd El-Aziz Elhassaneen

EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBER - Yousif Abd El-Aziz Elhassaneen

Yousif Abd El-Aziz Elhassaneen

Minoufiya University


Yousif Elhassaneen (YE) is Professor and Head Department of Nutrition and Food Science and Ex-Dean Faculty of Home Economics (2009-2015) of Minoufiya University (MU). Research fields' interest of YE includes food science, human nutrition, functional foods, food chemistry/biochemistry, food Analysis, food biotechnology, food toxicology, food quality control systems, agro and food industry by-products/wastes management etc. PI and/or I in 13 National research projects, refereed 9 International research projects, active member in 19 Scientific Societies, membership in 32 scientific & University committees and Civil Society Organizations, Editor-in-Chief and Editor in 46 international Scientific peer-reviewed Journals, Chairman and reporter/coordinator in organizing committees of 80 conference and Symposiums, and attendance as speaker in 106 international and national conferences. YE got 20 training courses in USA, UK, Egypt etc., refereed 255 papers/articles published in the peer-reviewed International & National Journals and Proceedings of the International/National Conferences. Also, YE have been Member of Minoufiya University Council since 2009. YE have postdoctoral fellows in Applied Biochemistry, Plymouth University, UK, 2003. For M.Sc. and Ph.D. thesis, YE have supervised 140 theses offered, Defense committee of 211 theses offered and Committee supervision in 35 theses in progress in food science, human nutrition, nursing, food biotechnology, agricultural sciences, biochemistry, public health etc. YE have reviewed 347 papers for International peer-reviewed Journals.YE authored more than 127 papers and have contributed in more than 10 books in the field of Therapeutic Nutrition and Food Science. YE have been working a scientific consultant, QS and labs manager, development consultant in more than 15 companies (stars in the field of Agricultural and Food Industries all over the world). YE have been awarded 20 decorations/Gold Madelia and 49 recognition/appreciations certificates from different International and National Universities, Associations, Foundations etc