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The Holistic Movement Saves Human Extinction In A Robotic Era

Julie Rammal

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Julie Rammal
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Received on: October 27, 2018, Accepted on: October 31, 2018, Published on: November 05, 2018

Citation: Julie Rammal (2018). The Holistic Movement Saves Human Extinction In A Robotic Era

Copyright: 2018 Julie Rammal. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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For the first time in history the human specie may be facing extinction as it once faced in 70,000 BCE. The human body, mind and spirit may soon transform into a trans robotic being where movement, thinking, feeling, emotions are begining to vanish. The holistic movement is a movment that educates and trains individuals to remind them of the power of the: body, mind, and spirit while helping all 3 elements to better adapt into a trans-human era.
The holistic movement uses various alternative medicine and and ancient practices to scan the body, mind, and spirit in order to see where each element is out of balance. The movemetn was created to empower individuals to connect to themselves in a time
where we are becoming dis-connected to ourelf. It combines: sports, yoga, martial arts, mind and meditation, and various natural primal movements.
In today's centrury and in the future the body, mind and spirit will increasingly be affected and the dis-easing of all three will worsen. The original human specie that once lived in a jungle will slowly begin to vanish and evolve into a trans robotic being. A trans robotic being is a being that is connected to other sources such as technology, electronics either mentally or physically. We have already begun to see these changes through health and medical care industry. In february 2018, Neil Harbisson, the first person in the world to have an antenna implanted in his skull attended the world government summit in Dubai according to local newspaper Gulf News. The holistic movement teaches us the power of our body, mind and spirit to adapt into the new era.
The methodology is based on consultation, and movement and follow up. During the consultation phase, it uses various techniques such as the body scan, color and hand therapy, eye projection therapy, and movment therapy to remind the body of how to move in a technological era.
The body scan methodology, which serves similar to a CAT scan, scans the major layers of the body, mind, and spirit. In this generation most people are face with many mental and bodily disorders due to the environmental changes that are taking place. Based on the results of the body scan, the holisitc trainer can design a program for the mind, body and spirit to be happy, aligned, re-energized. The methodology is designed to unblock and strengthen the physical body and mind while shedding deeper to the core of the individual.
In the color and hand therapy, the holistic movement allows your body to speak and phsyically see what is needed or lacking. When I work with my clients, I always work with their body, mind and spirit rather then the eternal self that is seen. I communicate directly with all three. Our sessions may begin by exploring what color the body is thinking of, which will allow me to know what is missing or needed for the body, mind and spirit. Later on, we explore the use of our hands to see where healing needs to be done and dig further into the muslce or organ. Our bodies are constantly communicating and speaking a language that we are not listening to in the fullest potential. The body is an extremely delicate, intelligent structure that is being destroyed, abused, and mis-treated because we have lost the true connection to ourselves. We are losing the ability to know how to move, how to eat, sleep, heal, and how to find our own personal remedies when possible. The toxic environments that we have adjusted to live in have destroyed the human specie quicker then we were ready to adapt to. The holistic methodology improves your intuition, feeling, senses, and works on eliminating the exeternal factors that have put your out of aligment.
In the eye projection therapy, a trainer has the ability to use their energy and transfer it to a client by believing, seeing and envisioning what they want to be seen. For example if a client has knee pain, the trainer uses the eye projection therapy to help clear out energetic blockages, and re-design a new matrix of energy that is a pain free knee. This takes a high skill and high level of consciousness in order to achieve.
During the movement therapy, special movements are conducted to detox the body, clear it, and rejuvenate it to allow the client to feel: happier, energized, and more youthful. The results can successfully be seen at all age groups at various international conferences that were conducted in Dubai, Canada, USA, and Lebanon on www.jsport.co
The holistic movment has created the world's first holistic fitness dvd sharing the key exercises to balance the body, mind and spirit and keep one naturally fit, aligned and happy. The DVD: In Light Of Change has sold many copies in the USA, Dubai and Lebanon.
The holistic movement believes that in this century our body, mind and spirit are constantly destructed and as a result this lowers our consciousness, decreases our personal powers to to heal and find ourselves in a world that has become more complicated then ever. People have already begin to face depression, and anxiety because our bodies have not yet evolved to this new era that we are coming into.
If we could hear our bodies talk, most of our bodies are screaming "Help or Stop!" When we do not have a connection to our body, mind and spirit we start to get ill and face mental, emotional or physical issues. As a result we turn to medicine to solve the problem which may only serve results for a short period of time as the root of the problem has not been addressed. The holistic movement believes that "Your Body is an empire, and when you are connected to you, you can achieve miracles." Its' methodology is natural and focuses to teach, train and help individuals build a deeper connection to themselves on: mind, body and spiritual levels.


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