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Human Society, Cell, Cancer

Berov G. Lyubomir

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Berov G. Lyubomir
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Smolyan 4700, Bulgaria
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Received on: April 17, 2019, Accepted on: May 05, 2019, Published on: May 10, 2019

Citation: Berov G. Lyubomir (2019). Human Society, Cell, Cancer

Copyright: 2019 Berov G. Lyubomir. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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Let's go on with a situation that is familiar to us: the head of state, and the group around him, are cells that are sick of this public cancer. What are the symptoms of this disease?

Keywords: Human society, Cell, Cancer, Gen, Roman empire
Dear reader, do not worry about the word "cancer" in the title of the article. It is related to some hypothetical ideas that I use in order to explain incomprehensible phenomena in our human society so far.
In a nutshell, what is the cancer and cancerous cell in the living organism in terms of in-depth modern scientific research Cancer, also called a malignant tumor, is a common name for a group of diseases associated with abnormal cell growth with the potential to enter or spread to other parts of the body.
In cancer cells, the coordination of growth, division, and destruction in cells has been damaged. Regulating signals are not recognized or executed because in most cases the required genetic code is defective.
About 5,000 of the 25,000 genes of humans have a constant gene code from one generation of cells to the next. These so-called "guard genes," consider the need for recovery, hold the cell cycle until the recovery is done, and eventually initiate a programmed cell death if the recovery is not successful.
However, if a copying error occurs - or a innate birth defect - in one of these "guard genes" the gene concerned can no longer properly control its part, so further defects occur in subsequent cell generations. If genes that are supposed to trigger the death of many defective cells are affected, these cells become immortal with completely new cellular properties, such as the ability to survive oxygen deficiency, build up their blood supply, or migrate from the group, and settle in foreign tissues such as bone, liver or brain (metastasis).
Then, through this phenomenon, cancer acquires its lethal potency: 90% of all cancer patients whose disease ends with death do not die from the original tumor but from these metastases. Most of these genetic changes are due to the invasion of the human body by some external factors such as poor nutrition, some infections, environmental pollutants, smoking and, above all, a sudden decrease in the person's vital energy.
Dear reader, if you are no longer bored, the article further requires these details.
That's why:
In these scientific studies, there is no word that every living cell probably has a specific mind different from the intellect of man, and is likely to have some kind of feelings about other cells such as love, hatred, and so on. Where's this intellect from?
That's what I explained with my article, "The Birth of" the Sons and Daughters "of the Intelligence of Dark Energy." It is my assumption that "At the beginning of time and space, thinking waves of dark energy are transformed into subelemental and elementary particles, each of which, apart from all other qualities, figuratively speaking, carries with itself a fraction of space, an instant of time and above all intelligence. " And every living cell is made up of these particles, and therefore possesses some sort of intellect. From intellect to hate is unfortunately not far. It seems now that cancer cells hate the normal, but they do not realize they are destroying themselves with them. And here is the question of whether or not it can improve cancer treatment as, along with the methods now known, find a way to properly impact the intellect and emotions of both cancerous and healthy cells? At that it is also possible to apply the vast human experience of impacting on human intelligence and emotions appropriately.
The written up to now is the necessary basis for transferring analogous situations from the "human-building cells" system to the "human society-building people" system. So let's assume that as a man can suffer from cancer so does the human society, let's say the state is an organism that suffers from a particular form of cancer - to call it a public cancer. Let's go on with a situation that is familiar to us: the head of state, and the group around him, are cells that are sick of this public cancer. What are the symptoms of this disease? And they are painfully familiar - the head of state has no conscience or principles, for him the national affiliation has no value, the illegal personal enrichment comes first. If there is not the necessary resistance in society, very quickly this group metastasizes all over the country, which in general loses its vital energy and very easily allows external invasions to destroy it.
We will try to prove the above with examples of the distant past in human history - with the history of several empires:
Roman empire
It has existed for 12 centuries. Initially it began as the Roman Kingdom. At the end of the 6th century BC it became the Roman Republic, and in the 1st century BC - the Roman Empire. During these twelve centuries, the Roman Empire had the potential to survive the worst civil wars, the biggest epidemics, and economic crises. But she finds herself powerless against one threat. And this leads to its death.
The Roman Empire was destroyed by a refugee wave. When this happened, the Empire was old and sick of public cancer, without vital energy. What kind of refugee wave was this. It is this phenomenon behind the scientific expression "Great Migration of the Nations". The civilized contemporaries of the events do not call them neither great nor migratory. They call them a barbarian invasion. The ancient European barbarians flee the Huns' military campaigns. Thus, by definition, they become refugees. A huge refugee stream of wild, cruel, primitive and illiterate barbarians falls on the Roman Empire.
They are willing to take advantage of the benefits of the Roman civilization, but they do not want to integrate into it. They are delighted with the living conditions in Roman cities, but are not interested in becoming Roman citizens. What history remembers of their presence in the Roman provinces is unheard of robbery, murder, and rape. The Vandals tribe remains in history by conquering Rome, and the last Emperor of the Empire, Honorius, at that time, had settled in Ravenna and was not interested and excited at all by the fate of the eternal city. He, as the historians at that time, was nothing more than a muppet. This is the human cell crushed by cancer.
A significant part of the representatives of the Barbarian tribes were certainly hardworking and peaceful people seeking a better and safer life in a new place. But under the laws of sociology and psychology, such an inert majority has always been and will be dominated by radical representatives of the respective community. Such as the dominant heads of the various mafias, such as the famous dictators such as Hitler, Stalin, as are some modern leaders of larger and smaller nations. In fact, these are typical cancer cells in these communities. The only measure of whether this so are the result of their actions - if they have led to, or lead to, mass poverty, misery, separation between rich and poor, wars and death, to have cancer. The relevant community as a healing process has or should have removed them from the government. This process, similar to the treatment of human cancer, is extremely painful and difficult, but it is the only true way forward.
Dear reader, today our native continent, Europe faces a similar wave of refugees. Refugees who, like most of the ancient barbarians, have invaded the Roman provinces, wish to benefit from the benefits of European civilization, but do not want to accept its values and principles and instead keep their culture and identity. May Europe not allow the mistake of the Roman Empire.
Let us now continue with examples of other ancient civilizations.
Egyptian civilization
In short, it originated in 3100 BC, which of course is a conditional date. The end of existence is 333 BC. with the capture of Egypt by Alexander the Macedonian. It is the longest civilization so far. If we treat it as an organism, it has experienced everything that one could say about a 100 year old man. There have been innumerable internal political crises and natural cataclysms. There are also many invasions in the body of this organism of external factors, such as repeated invasions of Libyans, Hikes, Assyrians, Persians. As long as the organism had enough vital energy, it had successfully resisted. Here I will quote curious inscriptions on ancient artefacts regharding events that are like a description of a revolution in a European country. They happened around 2300 BC - "The poor became wealth holders. The one who could not even order a pair of sandals before, now has treasures ... The rich ones groan and the poor rejoice. Citizens say, "Let's get the rich from among us ..." Palaces, colonnades are in flames ... Nomads are in ruin. The slaves of the slaves are decorated with silver and precious stones, and the noble women speak, "Well, we could find something to eat" and are sad because they are dressed in rags. "It's not just a redistribution of wealth but a disorder of the whole economy: "There are no craft products ... The country is completely destroyed, nothing is left, the one that was formerly rich now has lost even the black under its nails ... everything good perished." These events are also have been successfully overcome. However, for unknown reasons and indicators, the organism ages, and public metastatic cancer occurs, its vital energy sharply decreases. The last Egyptian kings, Theos, and then Nectanebo II, rule in an extremely weak empire, carved out of peoples' wars. Now the constant external invasions become insurmountable. The Macedonians come headed by Alexander and the Egyptian civilization ceases to exist. The summary here is: Egyptian civilization, like the Roman, has died of a loss of social energy due to old age, cancer metastasis and invasion of external invaders.

Aztec Civilization

The Aztecs are the last link in the chain of civilizations flourishing in Precolumbian Central America. The largest of them, that of the Olmecs, developed along the Gulf of Mexico Bay from the 14th to the 3rd centuries BC, preparing the ground for the formation of the next civilizations. But let's not go into detail, but move on to the causes of the death of the Aztec civilization. Aztec civilization disappeared without success in the decades after Mexico's conquest of Hernan Cortez in 1519. There were several epidemics, two of which were larger in 1547 and 1576 years from a contagious disease that killed 80% of the Aztecs and other native Indians. Today, many scientists say the Indians population in southern and northern America has sharply declined in the 15th and 16th centuries after the conquistadors arrived there. Some scholars, one of them anthropologist Henry Dobins, believe that the conquistors' disease has destroyed 95% of the total population of America. Many other scientists have indicated that, for example, 97% of the population of the former Aztec empire and about 90% of Peru's inhabitants died of European infections in the first century after their conquest by the Spaniards as the culprit for the epidemic was the most common European salmonella -Salmonella enterica.
The summary of the cause of the collapse of the Aztec civilization is: weakness and disunity of the Aztecs / typical signs of cancer of the society / defeated by the invasion of a few invaders who, among other things, have brought with them dangerous for the Indians pathogenic bacteria.
1. As a general conclusion from everything written here can be said
The public organisms of the ancient empires have always fought against the invasion of foreign social organisms wishing to parasite them. But when the resistance energy is insufficient and the infection is overwhelming, the result is tragic. The desire and
ability of an organism to fight against disease alterations in it is called immunity. An organism that lost its immunity is doomed.
The lack of immunity provides unimpeded access to any lower organisms to the public organism. Some of them are completely harmless. Others make it sick and kill it. So the root cause of the collapse of each of the ancient civilizations is the cancer of society and, irrespective of this situation, the invasion of external invaders.
The written here is an appeal: To address all major crisis phenomena in the life of our human society as cancer symptoms and illnesses, and all of us to take radical measures to prevent and overcome these crisis phenomena. Measures like those we apply in the treatment of our cancer patients. This, be sure, will sharply curb the violence in our lives, and the wars may disappear. The important issue is that the measures are taken in due course, because in our recent history there are examples when this is done, but post factum. Here are the phrasing cases with the removal of Hitler and Stalin, and society has removed them from the world stage, but since they, as some kind of cancer cells, have caused immeasurable sufferings of tens of millions of healthy cells.
How do you think dear reader, is this possible ?!

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