Global Journal of Internal Medicine

Global Journal of Internal Medicine ( GJIM)

About the Journal

Global Journal of Internal Medicine is one of the most prominent peer reviewed journal which covers all the aspects of Internal Medicine. It promotes general internal medicine, hospital medicine, health care delivery, improved patient care, and numerous topics associated with Internal Medicine.

Aim and Scope

Global Journal of Internal Medicine aims to publish the most reliable source of information on current research and developments in the form of original research articles, review articles, case reports, short communications, etc.

The scope of the journal covers the areas of Clinical Trials, Antibiotic Resistance, Adverse Drug Events Reporting, Menopause, Obesity and Weight Management, Rare Diseases, Palliative Care, Immunization, Substance Abuse and Addiction, Hypertension, Health Diversity, etc.

Topics covered in this Journal include:
•Chronic kidney disease (CKD)
•Critical Care
•Family Care Nurse Practitioner
•Dialysis Graft
•General medicine
•Multiple sclerosis
•Vascular Medicine
•Clinical Genetics
•Decision Making

Submit manuscript at http://www.scientonline.org/manuscript.php or send as an e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at editor.gjim@scientonline.org