Global Chemical Engineering & Process Technology

Global Chemical Engineering & Process Technology ( GCEPT)

About the Journal

The Global Chemical Engineering and Process Technology journal publishes original research articles as well as reviews, short communications on technologies for the production, processing and transportation. The usage of chemicals on large scale processes especially for production of pharmaceuticals, energy fuels, foods and chemical feed stocks.

Aim and Scope

Global Journal of Chemical Engineering distributes papers on advances for the generation, preparing, transportation, and utilization of chemicals on a huge scale. Studies typically relate to processes within chemical and energy industries, especially for production of food, pharmaceuticals, fuels, and chemical feedstocks

Topics covered in this Journal include

•  Chemical Reaction Engineering
•  Transport Processes
•  Mechanics of Granular Materials
•  Modeling in Chemical Engineering
•  Computational Transport Phenomena
•  Process Controlling
•  Colloidal and Interfacial Science
•  Complex Fluids
•  Biochemical Engineering
•  Molecular Dynamics
•  Reaction Engineering
•  Fluid Mechanics
•  Hydrodynamics
•  Viscoelasticity
•  Chemical Modeling

GCPET welcomes direct submissions of manuscripts from authors. You can submit your manuscript to: http://scientonline.org/manuscript.php

  or alternatively to: editor.gcept@scientonline.org