Integrative Neurology and Stroke

Integrative Neurology and Stroke ( Neurology)

About the Journal

Integrative Journal of Neurology & Stroke (JNSK) is an International peer reviewed multi-disciplinary Open Access Journal which deals with the study neurological problems and its effects. It majorly deals with aspects concerned with human brain. Stroke is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Stroke survivors often have motor impairments which contribute to upper limbs dysfunctions, reduced balance, postural control and reduced mobility and proprioception

Aim and Scope

The journal focuses on all aspects of nervous system disorders including causes, diagnosis and treatment of most common neurological disorders.The Journal also features review articles, controversies, methods and technical notes, selected case reports and other original articles

Topics covered in the Journal includes:

Neurological Disorders
Alzheimer's Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Parkinson's Disease
Stroke and
Traumatic Brain Injury
Chronic Pain
Spinal Cord Injury
Neurodegenerative Disorders
Sleep Disorders
Bipolar Disorders

IJNS welcomes direct submissions from authors:
Submit manuscript at http://www.scientonline.org/manuscript.php or send as an e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at editor.ijns@scientonline.org