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About the Journal

Global Drug Development and Therapy is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal that extent the range of drug design and development through clinical applications. Global Drug Development and Therapy under Open Access platform focuses on pharmaceuticals design and development and thus aims to advance our understanding of the action of drugs, their harmful effects, prevention and treatment.

Aim and Scope

The scope of Journal is widely engaged in Drug targets, Rational drug discovery, Computer-aided drug design and different types of Drug Design and Development methods. The Journal is delighted to accept Research Papers, Review Articles, Short Communications, Mini- Reviews, Opinions, Letter to Editors, Conceptual papers etc.
Please, follow the Instructions for Authors. In the cover letter add the name and e-mail address of 3 proposed reviewers (we can choose them or not)

Topics covered in this journal include:
Drug targets
Rational drug discovery
Different types of Drug Design
Pharmaceutical Research & Development
Computer aided drug design
Structural Biology
Drug Delivery & Targeting
CNS Drug Discovery & Therapy,
Diabetes Drug Discovery & Therapy,
Women's Health Drug Discovery & Therapy,
Drug Discovery in Preclinical Research,
Cardiovascular Drug Discovery & Therapy
Process Chemistry and Drug Manufacturing,
Pulmonary Drug Discovery & Therapy,
Recent Advances in Patient Treatment and Care

Submit manuscript at http://www.scientonline.org/manuscript.php or send as an e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at editor.gddt@scientonline.org