Molecules Research & Analysis

Molecules Research & Analysis ( JMRA)

Molecular Research & Analysis is a peer reviewed international dedicated to the publication of full length articles and review papers. Molecules Research & Analysis covers a broad spectrum of scientific inquiry, ranging from organic chemistry to biochemistry, material science and refers to the process of examining and studying the properties, structure and behaviour of molecules.

Potential Areas

Organic Chemistry: Investigating the structure, properties and reactions of organic compounds, which are carbon  based molecules.

Biochemistry: Exploring the structure and function of biological. Biochemists study how these molecules interact within living organisms and thier roles in various cellular processes

Materials Science: Researching the properties and behavior of various materials at the molecular level

Computational Chemistry: Using computer simulations and modelling techniques to study the structure, properties and behaviour of molecules.

Inorganic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Green Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Theorotical Chemistry
Supramolecular Chemistry

Common Approaches to Analysis 

X-ray Crystallography,
Computational Methods,
Thermal Analysis
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Imaging

Open Access

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