Submit Manuscript

Submit Manuscript

When an original copy is submitted, it is assigned to one of our Renowned Editorial Board members to check the Genuinity and quality of the research. The manuscript is evaluated by the respective editor with in two days of submission. If the manuscript meets the standards, further progressing of the manuscript is done. The status of acceptance/ rejection will be intimated by the publication office.

The accepted manuscripts are peer reviewed by the experts assigned by the editorial manager. The time for peer review processing is 15 days. The remarks given by the reviewer chooses the destiny of article towards the possible publication. If at least two reviewers support and guarantee the quality and recommend for the publication, the article is processed and published without any progressions with manager's endorsement.

If the reviewer suggest for the revision the corresponding author will be informed to make the necessary changes in the document towards publication. 

The manuscript will be rejected if more than two reviewers express their condemnation towards the publication. However the editor approval is obligatory for the publication at any stage. Scient Open Access is committed to its 21 day rapid publication process.