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Case Report

Toasted Skin of Pregnancy

Prashant Kaushik, Aadya Kaushik, Craig Zelig, Vivek R Mehta and Jennifer Walia*

DOI : 10.35862/2638-9991/39

Research Article

Effect of Adductor Canal Saphenous Nerve Block on Perioperative Pain Management for Children Undergoing Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair

Mofya S Diallo, Katherine E Negreira, Heather Gordish Dressman, Kaleb L Friend and Sophie R Pestieau *

DOI : 10.35862

Case Report

Retropharyngeal Penetrating Injury Causing Air Collection and Mediastinitis: Case Report, Management and Review Literature

Ahmed S.H. Alsheikhly, Mohammed Mazin, Alaa K. Fiad, Mohammed Diaa' Azmi, Abdulnaser Howaidi, Mazin A. Alsheikhly, Mazin Sh. Elsayed*

DOI : 10.35862/2637-7640/31/41

Research Article

A Comprehensive Curriculum of The History of Regional Anesthesia

Gustavo Angaramo, James Savage, David Arcella and Manisha S. Desai*


Review Article

Prevalence of Dental Caries and Associated Factors among Aksum Primary School Students, Aksum Town, Ethiopia 2019: A cross-sectional

Teklay Zeru, Lidia Muruts, Mebrahtom Zeru, Brhane Gebremariam, Alem Girmay, Degena Bahre*


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