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Case Report

Corpus Spongiositis Secondary to Haematogenous Seeding of a Periodontal Infection

Rachel Barry, Eamonn Faller, Eddie McCullagh, Arthur Jackson, Paul Hegarty, Frank O’ Brien and Karen Fitzmaurice*

Research Article

Ovarian reserve in patients with benign ovarian tumors before and after organ-preserving surgery

Tumasyan Elizaveta Aleksandrovna, Solomatina Antonina Andreevna, Tiumenceva Marina Yurevna, Ismaiilova Parvana , Turchinets Anna Ilinichna*

Research Article

Efficacy of Lidocaine 4 Transdermal Patch in Acute Musculoskeletal Pain in the Emergency Department: A Randomized Pilot Study

Jennifer Stahl*, Katayoon Dowlatshahi, Sami Getahun, Hyunjeong Lee and Kori Brewer*

Research Article

Evaluation of Analgesic Effect of Laser Therapy in Patients with Oral Ulcers with Inflammatory Origin and Knowledge of Patients about their Lesions

Uriel de Amorim Nascimento, Karin Berria Tomazelli, Liliane Janete Grando and Sarah Freygang Mendes Pilati *

Research Article

Mesiodens: A Review and Report of Two Cases

Yashwanth Sreedhara*, Nagaveni N B, Poornima P*

Research Article

Study of Factors Associated with Overweight among Pupils Aged 6 to 18 in Bamako Commune II in 2018

Diongue M1*, SARAMBOUNOU D, Bassoum O, Diallo A, Sougou N, Tine A.D2, Leye M.M, Faye, Seck, Tal Dia*

Research Article

Study of Factors Associated with the Open Defecation (OD) in Dakar semi-urban Area in Senegal

Diongue M, Diallo A.I, Bassoum O, Sougou M, Tine A.D2, Leye MMM, Faye A, Seck I and Dia A*

Research Article

Traditional beliefs and Practices in Newborn Care among Mothers in Shaanxi Province, China

Tawali Shah, Yao Dan, Syed Nasir Ali Shah, Zhu Zhongliang and Li Hui1*

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